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My Lifehouse Concert Experience!

Saturday the 25th- the Lifehouse concert!

It was AMAZING. They could have played all night, and I wouldn't have left! They played 16 songs: 6 from No Name Face, 4 from Stanely Climbfall, and 6 from Lifehouse, their new self-titled CD. Their latest CD had been my least favorite, even though I'd thought it was really good, but my friend Ian was right...after going to the concert, I do like it twice as much as before! I love the new songs so much now. XD They sounded so good live. Now, about the whole day:

First, we drove out to San Francisco and when we got there, mom was pointing at all the traffic down one street and saying "They're all going to the Lifehouse concert!" Lol, and once we actually got to Slim's, it looked like it they had been.... There was a huuuge line!

So we go into the parking garage we're supposed to park at, and it didn't look like many people were using it. They must have found places on the street. But we parked and followed the instructions for the machine, to pay for our parking. And then...the machine kept spitting out our $10 bill. o.o It wouldn't take the money, even though everything else worked fine. We tried everything. But luckily, some other people going to the concert came soon, and they were using a credit card. (The credit card part of the machine worked.) This nice girl offered to help, so she got us our ticket, and we gave her our $10. ^.^

Then we were off to Slim's to stand in line. We stood there for a long time, waiting for the doors to open. (It was almost 7:40 PM when we arrived, doors opened at 8.) Actually, while we were standing there, I saw Jason Wade walk down the sidewalk on the other side of the street, and cross over to the club. Which was kinda cool. Other than that, at a club across the way a group of people were buzzing in and out in weirdo costumes, acting out. It was kinda funny. Everyone in our line was watching them, like entertainment.

At 8, the doors opened, and the crowd shuffled their way inside, slowly. (They stamp your hands on the way in the club.... Haha, my little sis noticed right away that the stamp ink was pretty smeary. But mom, & my little sister and I all managed to get a little of it on our pants, as we noticed when we got home, lol.) We had dinner tickets, so we went up onto the balcony and found a good table. Nice view. I sat on a stool, which made the view from the back a little bit better.

We ordered dinner, and then mom offered to walk around downstairs where the concert would be, before it started. So we went down there, looked around at the club, glanced at the stage (it was behind a screen when no one was on), and then we went over to the merchandise table. I got a Lifehouse shirt. It's a pretty bright green with yellow letters. I love it! ^.^

We went back up to the balcony after I got my shirt. Our waitress (nice lady, very pretty too) brought us our salad (before our real dinner) and cokes. We started eating, and then we smelled smoke...the guy sitting at a table in front of us, at the front of the balcony, was smoking. Smoking wasn't allowed. Plus, we were sitting in the corner. There was no window or anything. So all the smoke ended up back on us. Was stinky. o.o; We asked the waitress to tell him to stop, and she gave them a warning (he lights it up again, him and his friend are kicked out), and well, we saw the guy pretty much try to feel her up. ~.~; But the waitress came back and said that the guy apologized for smoking, and she said that if he did it again, tell her, and he'd be kicked out. And that was that about the smoking.

Other people on the balcony were nicer, though. One guy offered my sis his stool once the real concert started, so she could see better. :)

Right after we got our dinner...we shared three different plates of food, with beans and rice, broccoli, ravioli (sp?), chicken, steak & potato, was good food...Rocco Deluca, the opening band, started playing. They weren't bad. I'll admit it, I didn't pay much attention to them. ^.^; But the music was okay by me. (I couldn't hear many of the words the lead singer sang, so I can't judge much.)

However, it became apparent durning Rocco that the guy who'd been smoking in front of us (and a bunch his pals, a few we suspect didn't have dinner tickets and weren't supposed to be up there) were going to be obnoxious through the whole concert. The tables in the front of the balcony are small, with only enough room for two people. They're kind of spaced out. I would guess that's so EVERYONE ON THE BALCONY CAN SEE. ^.^ But they had to gang up, pull chairs in front, turn 'em and such. So the view was pretty much blocked. Could barely see anything. The only real relief was when the guy would go outside to smoke.

All that was okay during Rocco Deluca, but when Lifehouse came on (the group of people got TWICE as obnoxious then...a lady friend of theirs came and turned her chair to face the stage, right in front, and the smoker guy came back and sat next to her...blocking the whole stage view) I couldn't take it. I only stayed on the balcony for the first song. (I'd tried to pull my stool somewhere I could see over 'em, but I couldn't. Plus, two guys came last minute and sat at the table directly in front of us, so I didn't have much room, unless I wanted to be all over 'em. XD )

Everything was better on the floor, though (mom and sis came down with me). The view, the sound, the whole experience. It rocked, to put it simply. XD We got a good spot (even though a lot of people liked to use it as a walk through, luckily no one spilled their drink of us), and it was great. The guy standing in front of us kept making sure my little sister could see. Later, sis went back up to the balcony and stayed with dad for the rest of the concert, but mom stayed with me the whole time. She even bounced and bopped with me to the music. The whole time!

Lifehouse played (not in this order exactly, but I'll try a little):
Come Back Down (the song I was on the balcony for, I still loved it, though)
You & Me (the latest single; Jason dedicated it to a couple in the audience who are engaged, t'was sweet!)
The End Has Only Begun (awesome, a favorite of mine!)
Blind (so great live...it's way powerful on the CD but was even more so there!)
Better Luck Next Time (I <3 this song, and it's funky music, was really neat!)
Only One (incredibly beautiful live! I love it so much now.)
Undone (I like this one twice as much now that I've heard it live)
Take Me Away (one of my favorites, was amazing live!!)
Breathing (I like this one twice as much now, too!)
Spin (incredible on the CD, twice as much live; especially the ending!!)
Am I Ever Gonna Find Out (awesome, so much fun to hear!)
Just Another Name (another I like twice as much now!)
Sick Cycle Carousel (AMAZING, one of my favorite songs!!!)
Somewhere In Between (great live, & Jason told it's story! Was neat, I love it.)
Everything (AMAZING, INCREDIBLE! Mom & mine's favorite song of the night!)
Hanging By A Moment (last song, AMAZING-AMAZING live!!! Great close!)

There. Almost got it in the right order, hehe. Anyway, they didn't play "Quasimodo", an old favorite of mine, after all. I thought they might. But it was okay! I kinda got the feeling they played "Sick Cycle Carousel" in it's place this time. Which I like hearing just as much. ^.^ At first, I was hoping they'd play this song or that song, but in the end, I didn't cared what they played one bit. XD I love EVERY Lifehouse song, so it didn't matter.

During the concert, just about everyone was singing along. Towards the end, especially, to "Somewhere In Between" and "Hanging By A Moment". People started jumping up and down during the end of "Everything". (That was so amazing...I was pretty sure they'd play it, but man.... It starts off slow, pretty, and lilting, quite quiet, with subtle and moving music. But in the end...whoa. It's so amazing. The music picks up, the guitars roar, Jason starts singing loudly, and it's just...an experience. INCREDIBLE live, I swear. It was twice as amazing live as it is on the record, and it was incredible on the record too, so yeah....) It must be so neat to be an artist like that...to write songs and go on tour and everyone in the audience knows & loves all the words. And the music was just so good! Bryce was great up there. Fit in with the band perfectly. And sounded nice singing backup vocals. I couldn't see Rick very well, but he was awesome, too. Great drumming. And Jason was amazing. He played his guitar like whooooa. XD I liked when he jumped in the air. Hehe. He was wearing Converse. Speaking of, my brand new chocolate brown Converse high-top sneakers with pink stitching and purple laces were awful comfortable at the concert. :D

Well, that was the night. I'm still re-living it in my head. I had a wonderful time. It was so much fun. Great experience. I'm so glad I went!

(If anyone has questions about the concert, I'd love to answer 'em! Just putting that out there.)

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oooh...what was the story for "somewhere in between?"
Well, Jason had had this big crush on a girl who was a friend of his, but she'd been with some other guy for a long time, and then she finally broke up with that guy. Jason wrote her "Somewhere In Between", and when she came over to his apartment a few days after breaking up with her boyfriend (Jason said he didn't mind taking the rebound since he'd had a crush on her for like four years), he played her the song. And it got him out of the "friends-zone". ^.^ Jason didn't say it, but I think that girl may be his wife now!
aaawwwwww... :-D
Yeah, doesn't it just melt your heart? I mean, I'd have loved to have been that girl ( !!! ), but even more so, I'm really happy for him. ^.^ Her, too!
OMG!!i love Lifehouse!!they're so cool..They have some really great songs....
yea,so,I'm kind of new to this site..i have this other lj that i update(Bluemorpho34) and you can leave a comment if you want...=) ttyl.
Lifehouse is so cool. I love their songs. XD

Avril Lavigne is cool, too. ^.^
I saw Lifehouse for the first time in concert in Cleveland HOB on May 7. They are my favorite band. I've been a fan from their debut album. I missed them in concert at the Cleveland Odeon in 2003 and had to wait like 2-1/2 years for them to come back. It was well worth the waiting for. At the Cleveland show, they also played about as many songs as you mentioned. I can't remember the entire playlist (if anyone who was at the Cleveland show has the whole set list, let me know) but the highlights were : Breathing, Sick Cycle Carousel, Everything, You and Me, Undone, Spin, Hanging by a moment (which was sung not by Jason but by a fan from the audience), and more, and they debuted a song called "Georgeanne" that Jason told a story about. It was an incredible show. Definitely worth my time and money. It rocked,and it was a night where Jason had bronchitis, yet he was amazing. Unforgettable show at a pretty nice venue, which I had visited for the first time that night. They played all my favorite songs and I also could have stayed all night listening and watching them. I love the new album "Lifehouse" which us fans had to wait like 3 years for but it was definitely worth it. Every song is awesome. I hope they come out soon with a live album because they are just a tremendous live band. I started a petition in favor of that at http://www.petitiononline.com/lhlivecd/petition.html that I invite you to check out and sign. I just had the time of my life at that show and wanted to share. Thanx.
Wow, Jason had bronchitis? That's amazing. Other singers would have chickened out of performing like that!

I think they should have a live CD, too, so I'll check that link out. Thanks for sharing. :)
yeah there next album comes out in July! im soooooooo happy. I LOVE Lifehouse! There the best band EVER!!!!! :)
I've heard about the new album! I'm looking forward to hearing the new songs. I wasn't too happy with the single, but I usually like their other tracks better. Have you heard the single?

If you haven't been there, I recommend shoutmouth.com for music news! They do a fair amount of Lifehouse related updates. :)
yeah there next album comes out in July! im soooooooo happy. I LOVE Lifehouse! There the best band EVER!!!!! :)