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Tour and such

Well.. i'm not sure how often people come here.. but for those who do and aren't up to date... yes.. the album is coming out in February. I talked to Ean.. the guy who runs Lifehousemusic.. and he told me. We don't have a specific date.. but yea...

Tour.. well at the moment as some might know.. Lifehouse is in Maryland.. that's where they're recording and what not.. so they'll most likely give a few concerts at the clubs and such around them.. i'm assuming just in that state.. maybe the surrounding states. i'm not quite sure.. The first single comes out in January.. if it does AWESOME... they'll have a Lifehouse tour.. if it doesn't do too well.. they'll open for someone.. most likely Maroon5 or someone like that.. which is ironic because Maroon5 opened for LIFEHOUSE.. lol back when they were new. anyway.. i just hope everyone buys the album as soon as it comes out.. i'm buying 2 copies myself.. i have 2 copies of the others.. and a Original copy of the DLD cd.. which i'm VERY lucky to have.. and the DVD.. so yay. but um.. oh yes.. another thing..

Lifehouse now has a new bassist.. His name is Bryce.. i forget his last name.. he was in a band called.. something radio i think.. go to to check out all the new info on him.. there's also a picture or two of him.

AND one more thing.. there's a new song up... Better Part Of Me.... it's a WONDERFUL song.. check it out.. i have a place where people can SAVE the song.. if they don't have a way to upload it to a server themselves.. so ... note me or add me or something and let me know..


i hope people actually check this place out.. lol and if anyone needs info.. just ask and if i don't know it for some reason.. lol i'm sure i can find out for you.. kae.. the end.



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