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I <3 Lifehouse!

I just joined & I have to admit that Lifehouse is my favorite band EVER! I've seen them in concert only once though.

That was April 24, 2003 when they played at Rider University. Of course when everyone heard that they were going to be playing at Rider (I'm also a student there), they were like "EWWW!" but I was so stoked that I actually took the night off work just to go to the concert.

So I went to the concert and get this...all my friends left after the opening act (Reel Big Fish, in case anyone was wondering). Their loss because it was probably the greatest concert I went to (and I saw my second favorite band, Sugar Ray last year when they played at The College of New Jersey...shows you how straight my priorities are).

Did I mention that I also met the band? They had this thing where if you bought the Stanley Climbfall album, you got to meet the band after the show. Let me just say that they are so cool & they really do appreciate their fans.
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