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my concert review (july 16th) (new orleans house of blues)

ok whoa. best night of my life. i definately got into that lifehouse concert and i met them.

i got in and khaki's dad works in new orleans and has this special deal with the house of blues so we got to sit up top (elevated) really close to the stage. we got there late and there were so many people on the floor we would have been like 10 rows back. our seats were better.
so the opening band, dakona, was awesome. i was going to buy their cd but had no money. i signed up for their mailing list. the guy's voice sounded like alex from the calling. they were an awesome band.
then lifehouse came on. holy hell. jason wore this white button down shirt and looked so incredibly sexy it wasn't funny. i almost died. lol.
they put on the BEST show i've ever seen, of anyone. better than the no strings attached concert i went to. i was more excited then cuz i was younger, but this was a better show. they played:
they started off by playing 'are you falling, are you faking', repeating that like 8 times. then they play:
stanely climbfall
sky is falling
sick cycle carousel
am i ever gonna find out
breathing (i just about died when he did this song / he said 'i've been playing this song for so long sometimes i forget the words, maybe you guys can help me out')
somewhere in between (he started playing this song and i started bawling. ahh it was great)
gets his electric guitar and plays:
just another name he said 'this is actually one of my favorite songs off the new record'
everything (whoa this is definately everyone's fav song, everyone was clapping for so long, like it was the end of the show after he did this one)
take me away
then he LEAVES, but of course u know he's coming back, cuz his #1 song is hanging by a moment. he plays:
something (cover by george harrison) I CAN'T BELIEVE HE PLAYED THIS SONG. my brother loved it. BUT OMG HE PLAYED THIS SONG.
then TRYING he started playing it and i was like 'this is NOT hanging by a moment, omg what is he doing?' and then after like 3 notes i started SCREAMING MY HEAD OFF cuz i realized it was trying. he wrote this song when he was 15 years old, and it's like one of my fav songs off their first cd. i couldn't freakin BELIEVE he played it. couldn't beleive it.
hanging by a moment

what a show. he said about 4 times 'how are you guys feelin tonight!?' etc, and he said like 6 times 'you guys are the best crowd we've had', 'you guys are fantastic', 'yall are great thank you so much' etc. whoa that was fun.

i couldn't take any pictures though, cameras weren't allowed. so we were right there next to the merchandise table after the show was over. we were like 10th in line. i bought a patch cuz u had to buy something or you couldn't meet them. so they come out and we get to watch them for like 5 minutes lol. WHOA that was awesome. then we get up to them and khaki starts talking to rick. rick remembered us from memphis. so i start talking to jason. i say:
i showed him my picture of us and i go 'do you remember me from virginia?' and he goes 'of course i do! yeah i do! hey i have this picture, you gave me the frame! you're my biggest fan. yeah that was so nice thank you so much.' and he leaned in to hug ME. i was like OH GOD. and he goes 'you are my biggest fan!' HAHA OMG i couldn't believe he said that. he asked me 'do you want me to sign this?' and i said yeah. (the picture). then i hand him my brother's ticket and asked him to sign it and i said 'my brother loved your cover of something'. (i also got them all to sign this piece of paper) i said 'yeah i can't believe you played something, i LOVED it, and TRYING! i can't believe u played that too, that was amazing! then i said 'and somewhere in between. i started crying when you played that it's my favorite song ever' and he was liek 'aw man' but in a good way. (all that took place with me standing right infront of him, with only a table between us lol. then i moved down infront of sean but i was still talking to him lol and i was like 'you should play storm! and fool and mudpie and revolution cry and what's wrong with that and crown of scars' after i said storm he goes 'oh man!' and then i started naming the other songs and he was like 'whoa' as in he couldn't beleive i knew all those songs.
then i say hey to sean but i know he doesn't like fans lol and i didn't have anything to say to him cuz he never makes contact with fans. so then i go to sergio and i'm like 'do you remember me from memphis?' cuz we were talking over the crowd lol with our hands, and he goes 'yeah i do i do' and i gave him a hug and said he was awesome.

whoa. i can't believe it.
it just makes me sad cuz i don't know when i'm going to see them again. they don't have any more tour dates up anywhere near me, and they are only playing about 8 more times, (and 6 of them are in europe). then they are gonna make their new cd! i guess. take time off. so i dont' think i'm going to see them till next year and that makes me sad, but SHIT i'm seeing stephen kellog, dashboard confessional, and maybe justincase again in august so hell it's great.

but whoa. whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa i met them again. you don't understand how good looking jason is in person. like 50 times better than in pictures. and the show, was INCREDIBLE. best show ever, best night of my life almost. i still can't compete with hanging out with justincase for 3 hours, nothing tops that, but this was like .1 away from that. they just mean so much to me. omg.

things i can't believe:
he played 'something' and 'trying'
i met them
they remembered me
jason saying: 'you gave me that picture frame!' I HAD NOT MENTIONED THE PICTURE FRAME
jason saying: 'that was so nice!' he said what i did was nice. you have to think about it for a second, but it was like he was saying what i did was nice, not saying 'thank you for seeing our show or something' like something in the past that happened that i did, that it was nice lol. NICE. AHHHHH lolol.
jason LEANING TOWARDS ME TO GIVE ME A HUG. of course i was going to give him a hug when we were done talking but he goes 'that was so nice' and GIVES ME the hug. OMG! lol OMG!

whoa. whoa. i'm like high of lifehouse.

jonathan asked if i wanted to go out and celebrate or whatever and i'm like 'what you are kidding me, i have to go home and type this entry and listen to lifehouse and think about what just happened. i want to be sober!'
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